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Cape Verde is an African country composed of 10 islands, located in the central region of the Atlantic Ocean. At about 570 kilometers off the West coast of Africa, the islands cover a total area of ​​just over 4,000 square kilometers.

9 of the islands are inhabited and endowed with incredible beauty and diversity, which give us the feeling of having 9 countries within one!

The Barlavento islands, further north are as follows:

The second largest island and the greenest. With incredible landscapes it is the ideal island for hiking, mountain trekking and moments of connection with nature, with an environment that is still very pure and not very touristy. We can only reach this island by boat, through the São Vicente island

The island of culture, music and Carnival! In the capital city of Mindelo, with its very colorful colonial style image, it allows long walks, enjoying the fantastic Laginha beach with Monte Cara as a backdrop, the fish market and other traditional markets and always lively with live music . Covering the rest of the island, we can enjoy panoramic views of Monte Verde, dive into the crystal clear water of Baía das gatas, where the most imposing festival takes place on the island or simply enjoy the local cuisine in one of the many restaurants on the island. The best time to visit this island is Carnival, which becomes a “little Brazil”!


One of the islands most “untouched” by tourism development, it has unparalleled beauty, with its green hills and the views that we can enjoy, from Monte Gordo with its 1312m. This island lives from agricultural activity and is also very strong in the culture of Carnival and many of the country’s great musicians are originally from São Nicolau.

The perfect destination for sea sports, relax, sun and walks with visits to the main attractions of the island (salt flats, caves and natural pools, pontoons, Terra Boa mirages or the fishing village of Palmeira) or more radical activities such as buggy rides or quads across the dunes and desert.

The island of the archipelago closest to the African continent. That is why the climate and the landscape are markedly influenced by dry and hot winds from the Sahara. With paradisiacal beaches, dunes and its great hotels all inclusive, it is the perfect destination for those who want to recover their energy! Like Sal, Boavista is one of the favorite destinations for Caretta Caretta sea turtles for spawning.

The less windy Sotavento islands and further south are:

One of the flattest islands, they have incredible beaches with great sands. An island still very undeveloped in terms of tourism, where we can find seafood and a very inviting family atmosphere!

The largest and most African island. Here you will find the city of Praia, the country’s capital and the Cidade Velha, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The interior of the island is rich in agriculture and green landscapes and in the north of the island we find Tarrafal, with a dream bay and the old political prison. On this island, increasingly strong in cultural events, we can discover more about the country’s history and there are plenty of interesting places to visit!

The volcano island! Marked by several eruptions, the last being between 2014 and 2015, on this island we can have the experience of climbing a volcano or spending a night in the peace and silence that the Chã de Caldeiras crater offers us. The island’s landscape shows us two totally different parts: the south, dry and arid where we can find the city of São Filipe with its black sand beaches and in the north, moist and fertile, very suitable for agriculture, where the vineyards that give rise to the only wine from Fogo and the coffee plantations, the strongest product that the island offers us.

It is the smallest inhabited island in Cape Verde. Its relief is quite rugged, with the island being the most mountainous in its entirety. It is only possible to visit by boat, from Fogo island.

Cape Verde has a very large influence from Europe, mainly due to the phenomenon of diaspora / immigration that has long led inhabitants to leave the country, either to study or work, many of them returning to their country after a few years, bringing a miscegenation that makes this place unique in the world!

Cape Verdean culture and traditions are marked by musical quality with a huge variety of styles ranging from morna, to tabanka, funaná, coladeira, batuko or mazurka; a very rich gastronomy; and morabeza, a word that only exists in Creole, which represents the art of hospitality that we all feel when visiting this country!

Come and discover and be dazzled by each of the islands of this Criolo people, where Cabo MICE can help you produce the most extraordinary events on any of the islands!

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